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Thursday, December 16, 2004 What will be the verdict address this controversial bill?

Thursday, December 16, 2004 What will be the verdict address this controversial bill? is the question posed by humanity in one of his articles devoted to the Fillon bill. Information is now known as the CSE (Higher Board of Education) largely rejected (39 votes against) the draft proposed by the Minister. A report in the Cross a complete record of the 1905 law on secularism. A secularism that is put all the sauces in the World … read the history of the Christmas tree high school Lagny sur Marne! What is enguirlander for Christmas … Happy Reading … ———————————– ———– Liberation du1612 / 04 release: Parents of students and teachers: the missed appointments in all likelihood, the Board of Education should issue a negative opinion on the bill guidance Francois Fillon must submit today. The opposition will include federations of parents: the Peep (apolitical) denounces a project "bland and tasteless"; CIPF (left) pin a "policy of the patch." The Jospin Act of 1989, which claimed to open school doors to parents, she has so far achieved its purpose? Liberation asked both parties simply telling traditional reentry meeting. It has to be frequent phase difference between what was said and what was heard or withheld. cross words of teachers and parents, testimonies of immense expectation of both sides. And so many frustrations. Read more of the article The Ministry of Education realigned bad Computer He denies the "bug" denounced by candidates for the professorship. Read more of the article Art, commodity It is the "set of fundamental" (read, write, count) who set fire to the powder. Francois Fillon has hammered enough, the great law of orientation for school that prepares strengthen the teaching of "fundamental". The artists and all professionals of art education have perfectly understood the message or _ rather not said the Minister https://homeworkmarket.me/
of Education: everything else is incidental. Yesterday, the National Association for Research and theatrical action (Anrat) launched a "national appeal" for "the regular presence of the arts and artists in school," from the theater du Rond-Point Paris.Une form of cons-proposal: why the "fundamental" would it not true introduction of art in school? Read more of the article In high school, Prometheus without knocking vocational and technological Lycee Condorcet, Montreuil. Mohamed is on the board, exposing the class character traits of the characters Rhinoceros Ionesco, when the door opens noisily, pushing two men against the blackboard. Net arrested Mohamed takes the leak in the back of the room. More noise in the classroom, the tension is palpable. One of the two men’s suit, handcuffed and scruffy. The other, mac, evokes a police inspector. The inspector pulled up a chair and tries to keep the handcuffs in place. But Prometheus shouts, a complex language. The class tends ear. The tirade, Aeschylus, 2 400 years … After ten minutes, the cop pushes Prometheus towards the exit, the door closes on them. Students applaud, others remain bewildered. A thousand miles of afternoon cultural plane-plane, these interventions "punch" in schools has a name: the "Small Forms". Gilberte Tsai, director of the National Drama Center (NEC) of Montreuil offers for some years to its company of actors to multiply these assaults in classes of Seine-Saint-Denis Read more of the article ——- ————————————– Le Figaro 16/12/04 Nothing seen .. . Humanity ——————————————- 16 / 12/04 what will be the verdict address this controversial bill? Whatever the verdict will make it today, the opinion of the Supreme Education Council (CSE) should not affect the substance of the guidance bill for school. Fillon submitted last December 3 and seems in a hurry to finish with the implementation of a text that causes the ire of many school stakeholders, but preside over the school system guidelines for ten years, at least. The objectives that appear in the preamble are charming and flatter democratic ideals: 100% of an age group holder of a 80% owner of the ferry and 50% holding a diploma of higher education. Its content, however, was at best cool, if not downright scalded part of the educational community. Read the rest of the article ——————————————- ——— Le Parisien 16/12/04 Nothing seen … —————————- ——————– the Cross of 16/12/04 1905 Act, what are we talking about? What the law says ? What are the founding texts and what are we talking about when we think of French secularism? As we approach the centenary of the law of 9 December 1905, "The Cross" offers a full explanatory dossier Read more of the article ——————- —————————– 16/12/04 20 minutes from the school board in 2005 angry It looks bad. The Teachers’ Union (SE-UNSA) rose yesterday against the proposed school mapping 2005. Judge "catastrophic" the distribution of educational resources between academies. In the first stage, the SE is surprised that the additional staffing forecasts of students in September 2005 had "strangely melted" in two months, from 51 400 to 45 000. As only the second degree, the union s ‘examines changes in departmental estimates since the budget and protests against the planned job cuts (5847). Read the rest of the article ——————————————- —— Le Monde 17/12/04 A Christmas tree he still has its place in the public school? a law on secularism hiding unexpected thorns. In high school Van Dongen of Lagny-sur-Marne (Seine-et-Marne), a small tree, uprooted just arrived from his native land, was the involuntary victim. In the middle of last week, as is the custom entrenched in the establishment, a Christmas tree was installed in the lobby. Thierry Vieusses new and young headmaster, arrived in September, has been a surprise. Friday late afternoon, he received two schoolgirls which he says ignore the confession. These religiously unidentified students, he says, represent a dozen others remained in the corridor. They tell him to be "very shocked" by the presence of contradictory fir, according to them, the principle of secularism. The headmaster tried to explain that this innocent conifer is the victim of a misunderstanding and that it is in no way a religious symbol. . Not a chance "guarantor of security in the establishment," he feared "possible mood events …" The tree is removed the day […] Read more Article Search. Setting warning university presidents to Michel Laurent, Senior Vice President of the Conference of University Presidents (CPU), "the idea that the system can bounce on the current organizational structure seems an impossible challenge" . Giving up a "fundamental reform" would lead to "catastrophe." Read more of the article The future framework law should not upset the current organization The content of future draft framework law and programming research seems to lead to a smooth reform. A few weeks before the presentation of a first draft of the future legislation, scheduled for January 2005, the government has no plans to shake up the current organization of research in France. Read the rest of the article ——————————————- – Posted by Watrelot on Thursday, December 16, 2004

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